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sizes & pricing

Each Jackson PAWlock painting is one of a kind and made to order just for you. The prices are based upon watercolor and ink portraits. General sizes and pricing for watercolor and ink portraits are as follows: 4x6"...$100 8x10"...$150 11x14"...$200 Paintings are not limited to dogs!!! Go to the buy one! page on this site for payments and more info!

about me


Lauren Biggs

I have had two main passions throughout my entire life: art and animals. So why not take the opportunity to combine them? After a childhood of being active in the arts, I achieved my BA in Fine Arts from CU Boulder. Once I spent a few years traveling and ski bumming, I settled back to my home in Newport Beach. I tried to find my place in a generic corporate setting, but realized quickly that it was not for me. I recently lost my dog/best friend, Marley, and I found comfort in painting him. This accelerated me to leave the job I was not enjoying to pursue my goals and passions in art. I hope everyone who receives a Jackson PAWlock painting loves it and loves their pet!



Inspiration: My family and I adopted our last dog, Marley (aka Mars), from the Orange County Humane Society back in 2002. There wasn’t much of a backstory on Mars other then that they found him wandering the streets of Costa Mesa and  he needed a home. As in most pet adoption stories, I am sure he was lucky to end up with such a loving family, but not nearly as lucky as we were to end up with him. Mars was by my side as I transitioned from high schooler to adulthood and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. After recently losing him to cancer, I found myself trying to turn a negative situation into a positive. After painting Mars, I found inspiration to focus on painting dogs (and all other pets). With these paintings, I hope to inspire making current memories for you and your pets or comfort people with memories of previous ones.


All Jackson PAWlock paintings are made to order just for you! If you have any inquiries about sizing, pricing, or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

  • Email:laurencbiggs@gmail.com